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# How to validate XUL?

Envoyé par : xul-vipz

Date : 12/02/2008 14:51

In addition to a thread on the IBM forums ( I like to know how to write valid XUL?

I guess there must be something around that validates XUL documents like DTD's can validate HTML documents (I'm not referring to the XML well-formedness of XUL).

To me it sometimes is totally unclear if a certain XUL-element is allowed inside a other XUL-element. Trial and error isn't the way to go, I think.

How do you guys deal with this?

(PS: Since I don't speak French I will post in English, if this is a problem in anyway, please say so.)

# Re: How to validate XUL?

Envoyé par : Paul Rouget

Date : 13/02/2008 14:41

No DTD. I suggest you to try XulExplorer which embeds a "good pratice" XUL validator.

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