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# control xul application from outside

Envoyé par : jb

Date : 29/01/2007 13:15

Hi at all,

I have a xulrunner application and would like to control it from outside.

I think on something like having a windows application press a button and give a command to my xul application.

Is that possible without socket communication perhaps about dll's, Java or what ever to have access to my Javascripts or XPCOM Interfaces?

# Re: control xul application from outside

Envoyé par : Paul Rouget

Date : 29/01/2007 15:20

Sorry, you're on a French forum. I suggest you to go to:

And about your question, I think socket communication is the good solution. Why don't you want to use sockets ? It's disigned to do such things. Otherwise, you can use classic inter process mecanism since you're using C++ XPCom components. Take a look at NSPR:

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